Dinning hall closed? Still hungry?

Every college student has encountered this situation at least once (or maybe a thousand times). If you are not willing to leave your campus to go buy food else where, grubHub has you covered. GrubHub is a website that has a list of take out places in your area (just enter your zip code). You then can filter those choices by the type of food you’re in the mood for, price ranges, and ratings. 

GrubHub also offers discounts often, like $5 for sharing the site with a friend. How easy is that? Most restaurants that support grubHub allow you to order through the site too, no need to waste time with phone calls. Your delivery information is then saved onto the site, so you only need to type it in the first time you use it! Check it out!

Student Discounts

You would be surprised at just how many places will offer a customer a discount when they show their college ID. Here is a list of a few spots in Boston that help us college kids out.

Regal Cinema (Fenway): Get $2.50 off any movie after 4pm, seven days a week. Just flash your ID at the ticket booth and you’ll be good to go. 

Skywalk Observatory: Go see an amazing view of the city from above for only $2! A ticket is good for the whole day, so see how the city changes at different times of the day.

Loft, The Limited, J.Crew: All stores offer a 15% discount on full price items with a valid college ID. Offer only works in stores though (not available online).

AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile: These phone services all offer college students a range of discounts on mobile phone services. Call an agent and see if you are eligible. 

Kings Boston: Buy a bowling game for only $2 on select college nights after 9pm!

Boston Sports Pride

(Photo taken during the final World Series game 2013)

Even if you were not born and raised in Boston, it is hard not to get caught up with all the excitement of the city’s sports teams. From the Bruins winning the Stanley Cup to the Red Sox becoming the next World Champs , the teams have a lot to offer. Even though ticket prices can be overwhelming, it does not mean you can’t get in on the excitement around the city. 

Fenway College Nights: Fenway is now offering college and high school students with a valid ID a chance to buy standing room tickets at only $9. They also are arranging 6 different themed college night games that will only be $20. Still too much? Head to Tasty Burger right outside the stadium to watch the Sox on their screens while still being able to hear the excitement from stadium.

Celtics College Discounts: The Celtics have also chosen a handful of games to offer college students a discount. Depending on their opponent, the prices will range from $5-$20. 

Marathon Monday: One of Boston’s most favorited events is only a week away. Come support the survivors, remember the victims, and cheer on all the runners during this years marathon. The Boston Police Department has asked spectators to carry light and only use clear bags to carry belongings. 


Boston is filled with beautiful museums and galleries, holding all kinds of art. Most of them offer student discounts, and there are also museum passes at local libraries that will give you a discount as well. Check them out!

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

This museum has so much rich history, from the original collector Isabella herself to the somewhat recent heist that has still remained unsolved. Students can get it for only $5 and some local schools are even free!

Museum of Fine Arts

It is impossible to walk through this entire museum in only one trip. There is such a wide range of collections here from ancient times to artists from the present. Without visiting a library first, admission can be pricy ($23 for students). But again, some local schools get in for free and if yours is not included, go pick up a pass from a BPL and get in for only $10!

Institute of Contemporary Art

The collections here change frequently, so there is something new to see almost every time you go! Student admission is only $10, and is FREE for everyone on Thursdays 5-9pm. 

There are also plenty of street galleries all over the city, and some college’s even showcase artists from time to time with free admission. Go check out and support local artists!


I don’t know many college students who are not burrito fans. One of my favorite places to pick one up at is celebrating it’s 17th birthday! Boloco has locations all over the Boston area, and serves burritos, salads,wraps, milkshakes and smoothies. They have gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options too!

For it’s 17th birthday, Boloco is celebrating with 17 days of deals! Check them out if you haven’t already and get yourself a discounted meal or drink sometime over the next two weeks. Click the link below to see the schedule of deals.



Just because Boston is buried in snow, doesn’t mean you have to be

Snow is just unavoidable when you live in Boston. Here’s a list of free or cheap things to do to make this winter a little less miserable.

  • Sledding- Boston.com has a list of the 40 best hills to sled down around Boston, so grab your sled (lunch trays and trashcan lids work too) and put them to the test. http://www.boston.com/travel/blog/2009/02/40_great_places.html
  • Ice Skating- Yes, skating at Frog pond can be a little pricy. But Tuesday nights are college nights, and with your ID it will only cost you $2+skate rental!
  • Do you want to build a snowman?- Go build a snowman, igloo, or have a snowball fight! And then afterwards go see Disney’s Frozen if you haven’t already, most theaters are even hosting sing-a-longs to it.
  • Indoors?- If playing in the snow isn’t really your thing, go check out the Boston Library, Prudential/Copley mall, the MFA or other museums around town. Most Boston college students can get in free to museums with their ID!
  • Explore- Even though there is snow on the ground, it doesn’t mean you can’t take a walk (just might be a tad bit shorter). Grab some coffee and a camera to bring with you!

Boston is a very diverse city and holds all kinds of celebrations and events throughout the year from all kinds of cultures. Go out and learn something new! Most of them are free too, whats not to like?

One of these fun celebrations is Chinese New Year. This past Sunday, Boston’s Chinatown welcomed the year of the horse with great food, lion dances, drums, and snap rocks. 

5 Commandments for Riding the T

    As a college student living in Boston, I find myself jumping onto a train or bus weekly to go explore what the city has to offer. One of the greatest things that I’ve found about Boston is the MBTA itself, because it gives me the ability to go just about anywhere in or around the city. To new riders though, it can be a pretty intimidating experience. It’s easy to get lost or confused if you are not completely sure where you are heading, and sometimes the fares can add up to be expensive if you do not know all of the saving tips of traveling. I have come up with Five Commandments for Riding the T to help those who are new to using the MBTA save money and have an easier way of getting to their destination. 

1. Thou shalt not use a Charlie Ticket- Those who live in Boston or will be using the MBTA for over a week need to stop using Charlie Tickets and go pick up a Charlie Card instead. They are available for free from MBTA agents at most stations, all you have to do is ask for one. The card is reloadable and will only cost you $2.00 instead of $2.50 every trip.

2. Thou shalt not use parking- Unless it is absolutely necessary to park at a train station, take the bus their instead. It usually costs around $6.00 to park, where if you take the bus it will only be $1.50(using your Charlie Card). Another perk to having a Charlie card is that when riding a bus, you can then transfer to another bus for free or to a train for only $0.50 within two hours of paying for your first trip!

3. Thou shalt not travel without plans- It can be very confusing to find out where you need to get off last minute, especially when you are new to the MBTA. Always make sure to check a map before you leave, and check bus schedules if needed so you are not waiting for awhile at a stop for one. 


4. Thou shalt not break unspoken rules of MBTA edict- One of the most annoying things about riding a bus or train is when other passengers take up extra seats or room during rush hours. Unless you want uncomfortable dirty looks throughout your trip, make sure you are only taking up one seat and are mindful of your belongings or self being in the way of others. 

5. Thou shalt always bring hand sanitizer- It is always a good idea to have hand sanitizer on you when traveling because you never know who might have the flu or a cold. Pocket sized bottles can be found at drug stores like Rite Aid or Walgreens for under $2.00.